Why is there illness and misery?

Why is there illness and misery?

“Why is there so much misery in the world?” is an obvious question when you think about the meaning of life. And if there is a God, why doesn’t He do anything about it?

Quite frankly, I can’t answer the question for you. Nevertheless, I want to give you a few of my thoughts to help you think about it;

Is there a God?

Through this website, you can learn from nature and life that there must be a Creator of all. Nature is overwhelmingly complex, and this was not caused by chance or chemical processes. Just look at the human DNA, the basic matter from which every living creature is made. This DNA is built up by an incredible amount of information. If you wrote this down, you would need more than 3000 books! Neither is it possible that spontaneous processes caused such a phenomenon. That would be just like creating a beautiful piece of music by randomly writing down a bunch of loose musical notes.

If life on earth did not evolve by chance, then there must be a design. And the design needs a designer. We call that designer, “God.”

Now God is not visible to us humans. After all, God is not matter; He has made matter, right?

I think that God has a good reason why He doesn’t materially show himself. He has created the possibility for choice in His design. Humans are probably the most complex product of His creation. We can make choices ourselves, and thereby also we can accept or deny our Creator.

However, this freedom of choice has a major downside: Egoism. We all think we know pretty well what is good for us. Do we just forget to remind ourselves why we have been created?

God wants respect, sincere attention, but also that his love for his creatures is answered. I think there are several reasons why He created people. Not because He was short of anything, but because it gives Him satisfaction. You don’t get true love when you create “robots.” Man is not a pre-programmed being and can decide for himself whether he respects or ignores God; He wants people to choose for Him sincerely.

A relationship means that it must be mutual. A relation is not based upon laws and regulations. That is not a basis for a relationship. Because we tend to think about ourselves, there is a good chance that we will just do what we like to do. We think we don’t need God… Many people deny His existence. By yielding to our egoism, some people even slip off in behavior that has nothing to do with love and humanity. With the most horrible consequences that we all know, such as wars, abuse, and much more.

Good and evil

Suppose there is no God. Even then, the question remains, “why there is misery in the world.” You could imagine that there is misery. But what is the basis for “good” and “evil” if you assume that everything is because it is … The existence of “right and wrong” means that there is a general morality, a general truth, a standard.

Why is someone worth protecting from “evil”? Is it the result of some chemical and physical processes? After all, natural laws are not caring about good or evil; they are just there. If everything goes according to fixed processes of cause and effect, then no choice is possible. And we do not have to worry about all the misery in the world.

We are talking about “good” and “evil.” The definition of what is “good” and what is “evil” differs in different parts of the world. Still, there is a worldwide standard, a moral. Killing someone is not right, nor is stealing. Almost everyone despises the raping of children; this indicates the existence of absolute truth. Morality does not exist without such a truth. Where does this absolute truth come from?

If there is no God, there is no universal “right” and “wrong.” That would mean that we have no basis for calling rape, murder, adultery, or lying “wrong.”

If there is a God, why doesn’t he intervene?

This question assumes that we can take over His position. However, we do not have the vision and the capacity to understand His plan. With that in mind, perhaps the question of why God allows evil and suffering remains unanswered.

Sometimes I struggle with the question of why people do horrible things to each other. Why didn’t God intervene when Hitler, Mao Zedong, or Stalin came to power? The same applies to natural disasters, diseases, and other misery. Maybe it’s because life here on earth isn’t what’s most important. Even though we experience life as it is, if there is more than we can see with our eyes, then the answer to this question can be very different.

I’m sure that there is more between “heaven and earth” than we can observe. Sometimes we can experience the presence thereof. People who are involved with the spiritual world can testify to that.

I know there is a battle going on in the spiritual dimension between God and his creatures (the angels, some of whom have rebelled against God). God allows all of this to a certain point in time. We don’t know yet when that moment will be. Meanwhile, we are opportune to make important choices in life.

We will die one day

That we all die, one day is a fact. The Bible explains this: Because people have been given the freedom of choice between good and evil, the result is that they die. It is just like with the laws of nature; you cannot bypass them. Given the misery that causes evil, it is probably better that you die over time.

But still, there is hope! …

What is the use of life?

What is the use of life? At least during our lifetime, we get the chance to accept God as our Creator. However, that does not ensure a relationship with Him. Our intentions can remain self-centered.

If God were not righteous but turned a blind eye to all wrong behavior, the world would turn into chaos. Every mistake, therefore, has a consequence (punishment); death is the ultimate consequence for human selfishness.

God knows that we intend to make mistakes. He has, therefore, came up with a loving solution. God came to earth to take responsibility for all the errors that make it impossible to have a good relation. Therefore he died for us to take away all the consequences of our bad behavior. Once that was done, no one can blame Him for unfair treatment. In this way, He paves the way for a relationship with the people who accept His outstretched hand.

Even if you cannot understand this offer fully, this is where faith is needed. Faith is not blind; it is not brainless. Faith recognizes our limitations and places trust in a higher power – namely God.

By the way: Everyone has a belief, whether you trust God or your reasoning, the public opinion, experts, or whatever.

Learn from misery

Despite the negative side of misery, it is also a way to learn as a person. After all, if everything in life went without problems, there would be no challenges, nor satisfaction. Misery and challenges also force us to make choices. By making choices, our true potential will emerge.

Misery and challenges ensure that you can grow in trust and faith. Often a particular situation seems terrible, but after a while, it appears that this is the best thing that has happened to you, and because of this situation, you have grown as a person. By accepting that we do not always have an answer to the question “why?”, You develop faith and trust. Faith requires that you want to base your trust on a higher power (God).

These approaches will not pass the feelings of pain and loss that result from tragedies. Many situations call to respond with compassion and a desire to help. As soon as we accept that life’s difficulties are a mechanism for growth, our opposition to this will weaken. Then we can experience life with a look at new possibilities.

Death is not The End

Throughout the Bible, God promises us that this life is only a run-up to eternal life with Him. That is if you choose to accept His offer. All the misery and even death are not so terrible if you know that there is a beautiful future waiting for you.

What if you can’t stand it anymore?

“Pain is inevitable; Suffering is optional.”

Sometimes the misery seems greater than the will to live on. I recently watched a documentary on TV about Chen Si, a Chinese man who stands guard on a bridge over the Yangtze River when he does not have to work. This Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge is known worldwide as one of the most “popular” places for people to commit suicide. Every single day some people who do not wish to live anymore attempt to put an end to their misery by jumping into the water.

If Chen Si can be there on time, he will pull them away from the bridge rail and take them to a quiet place. He gives these desperate people a good meal and talks to this desperate person about the problems they have. Usually, something terrible has happened in their lives, and they did not see a solution to the issues that have arisen. A listening ear and sometimes a “kick in the ass” gives the depressed a renewed look at his or her life.

” For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not die but have eternal life. “(Bible, John 3:16)

” For it is by God’s grace that you have been saved through faith. It is not the result of your own efforts, but God’s gift, so that no one can boast about it.  “(Bible, Ephesians 2: 8-9)

It is likewise with God. He would like to listen to your life story. Sometimes he offers a direct solution, but sometimes you will also have to learn in some steps. If you walk around with problems that seem too big for a solution, then I want to invite you to speak to God, He will listen to you!

” I want your constant love, not your animal sacrifices. I would rather have my people know me than burn offerings to me. “(Bible, Hosea 6: 6)

Through this website, I want to help you learn more about your purpose of life and how you can lead a meaningful life.

Why is there illness and misery?

Why is there illness and misery?

"Why is there so much misery in the world?" is an obvious question when you think about the meaning of...
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