Who is in control of my life?

Who is in control of my life?

Ever wonder who’s actually in control of your life? We live our lives, work and play. Our hard work often is appreciated by an income so we can provide ourselves a good meal or even more. The love we give to our loved ones will often be rewarded by love in return. 

We plan what we want to do, decide on the course that our lives will go. We study hard at school and in university and then pursue our dreams. We make our choices of who to marry, where to live and which job we want to have.

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Who is in control of your life?
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I’m in control

We always seem to catch up with our plans. Yes, we believe we can have whatever we set our hearts on. We can live our dreams. We are in control. And that’s true. Hum!!! But who really is in control here!

Then after we have built our empires, lived our dreams and lives the way it seem good to us, we suddenly realize that life is more than all that we ever imagined it to be. Then life makes us to begin to wonder and ponder; who’s is in control here!

Losing control

Along the way, we sometimes loose our loved ones. We even sometimes loose the empire we have built. Most of the time, death, losing, sickness and challenges of life that we cannot even explain come at us. Often it ruins the life we have built. Then we begin to blame
providence, we wonder what is going on. We come to realize that we are not the actual person in control of life and even of our estates. Then we are prone to ask; who’s in control here anyway!

Sometimes, this realization comes too late. It comes at the expense of our loved ones. It even comes at the expense our lives. When the cheeks are down and the sun seem not be shinning bright over our lives.

Lost control of my life

Learn before it’s too late

But how come that man does not learn from the past? How is it that we don’t learn from history!

The greatest the world has ever produced, thought at one time that they were in control. Most of them realized too late that they were just instruments in the hands of an invisible force that they cannot explain but can never deny. Is that the force that’s actually in control here?

It seems like you and I are acting out a script, an already written script, even though we may never be aware of it. Wouldn’t it be better to just find out now who’s is actually in control here!

Is there someone behind the scene who’s running things and running our lives the way it was meant to be?

It’s time to find out…


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Who is in control of my life?

Who is in control of my life?

Ever wonder who’s actually in control of your life? We live our lives, work and play. Our hard work often...
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