The Value of Your Life Quiz

The Value of Your Life Quiz

Welcome to your The Value of Your Life Quiz

What is your age?

In what part of the world do you live?

What is your gender

Do you have a relationship?

Do you have children?

How is your health?

Do you have friends?

Do you have real friends that you rely on when you are in problems?

What work do you do?

Is there someone who hates you?

What good things did you do in life

How do you compare the value of your life compared with others

What crimes and/or bad things did you do?

Did someone ever die to save your life?

How satisfied are you with your life?

What is The Value of human Life?

How can we determine the value of human life? There are several appoaches to value life. Most of them assume that a person has died. What was the value of that dead person when he or she could have lived, and what would be the (financial) value of the remaining part of his or her life? How can we compensate the loss of a loved one to the relatives? What amount of money is enough to replace the grief of the loss?

Economic value of human life

Despite all dilemmas, many calculations have been made worldwide about the financial value of a life. The amounts range from about $ 40,000 to $ 10,000,000 for a lifetime. These amounts are used by insurance companies, courts and the like.

Slavery and trafficking

In case of slavery or human trafficking, a life is valued on the market. How much labor can a slave do, how good is a girl to be a prostitute, how healthy is he or she, and what is the life expectancy? Can you comprehend how we as humans are able to use other people in exchange for our own wealth?

Other moral issues

What will you do when there is an emergency situation? What is the value of a life when there is danger? Some people will go until the end to save someone else’s life. Even at the expense of their own life. Yet this does not happen so often. How would you react in an emergency situation?

Usually, we are willing to put our lives at risk for a loved one. You will put your own life at risk for your children. But what about a complete stranger?

Does it matter to you whether the other person has done something wrong or maybe harmed a loved one? Would you be willing to do something in a dangerous situation for someone you don’t like at all?

The value of a life in an emergency situation

It is not only in emergency situations that people’s lives are valued. Every day we make decisions that can influence the life of others. Companies try to save costs and sometimes risk the lives of their employees. Was the saving of several thousands of dollars really worth it when an accident happens?
By driving recklessly, we risk the death of another in a traffic accident. Is saving 5 minutes of your time in traffic really worth that?

What is the value of your life when you are old? Can you be valuable to others by helping them? Or are you in need of help and feel worthless? Is that really true?

Quite some tough life questions. I hope all these would be much clearer to you when you take some time to  think about the value and meaning of your life…

Think one week about your life or do the Value Of Life test (above the picture)

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The Value of Your Life Quiz

The Value of Your Life Quiz

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