Losing or failing can be a good thing

Losing or failing can be a good thing

It is good to be a looser regularly. Winning is good and gives a very satisfying feeling. Nothing wrong with that offcourse. But when you would always be winning, you never would learn anything.

Probably you will remenber some of the best sport archievements in your life, the special moments that you have won a game, a lawasuit or maybe a lottery prize. I think you have to think harder to remember the moments that you have lost one of those.

Still the hard ones we remember. Losing a friend, a familymember or losing maybe your job.

Allthough it can be very painful to lose, there are also benefits in losing. Without losing, you will not learn in life. By discovering the things you would like to have, to archieve, you will learn the value of these by losing some of them in time.

It’s okay to lose, to lose often, and to lose time and again. It builds character, shows us how to keep on when the going gets tough, and teaches you that you are always stronger than you think you can ever be.

Losing precious possessions and relations will defenitly make you think about the value of life and the meaning of life. Somtimes it is hard to understand why we are loosing our valuables.

Finding your meaning in life will help you understand many of these things in time, at least for me it helped a lot. Still I have many questions in life, but through time I am dicovering the meaning of many of them… I hope you will discover your meaning in life too

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