How did life on Earth start?

How did life on Earth start?

How did life on Earth start? Was it with a ‘Big Bang’? In this article I will show you some very interesting facts about life that may surprise you.

In many schools today, kids are educated about the source of life on Earth. Most scientists believe that the entire universe started with a ‘Big Bang’; this theory was based on the work of  Albert Einstein and many others.  The Evolution Theory explains that life on Earth began with simple organisms. These small organisms developed over millions of years into animals and finally into human beings.  This process, called ‘evolution’, was presented by Charles Darwin in 1859 and it has been adopted by many scientists ever since.

But today, many scientists doubt Darwin’s theory. We have learned a lot about our existence, and to many of our finest thinkers it seems almost impossible that life on Earth has evolved through evolution.

3,300 books full of information in one human cell

Just take a look at the complex human DNA. In recent years it was discovered that all life is based on these very complex strains of information that are present in each and every cell of our bodies.

Every human life starts with one cell that is already stuffed with information. It contains a very detailed manual on how your body should grow. Just from the information in this single cell your complete body builds and grows. The human that grows from there is fully complete with a brain, arms, legs and somtimes a big nose or small ears ;).

But DNA not only contains this blueprint—it also describes how all cells, all organs, all muscles and limbs will work together. For example, will this person be excellent at playing soccer or maybe become a great designer?  DNA plays a major role in setting these future events in motion. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

DNA is the blueprint for your body. Researchers have calculated that if you were to write down the information that is stored in human DNA, you would need more than a million pages! That’s over 3,300 books! This complex code is not just at the heart of a human being—it’s present in every cell of your body! (read further below the image)

So All Life Started by Accident?

Many scientists still believe that life has evolved through a series of tiny steps and many chemical processes—in effect, that DNA has evolved over millions of years. Yet more and more scientists are recognising that DNA is so incredibly complex that it is impossible that it could be the result of accidental chemical reactions.

Accidental Computer Software?

So if DNA is too complex to have “evolved” over a series of accidents, what in fact created it? Maybe I can explain it through this example… You can compare the amount of information stored in one human’s DNA to a computer program like Windows. Thousands of software engeneers have been working on the computercode for the Windows software.  Can you imagine an equivalent amount of information being stored in every single cell of your body and this coming into existence from something as random as a series of accidents?

No Chance!

A working software program has never been created by accident. The total number of working programs where the code originated through a series of accidents is zero, none.  No code has ever been discovered that was not designed by someone. Every single working bit of software code was created deliberately, by designers and programmers.

And these facts make us ask the question:  When DNA is at least as complex as Windows software,  how can it be possible that it came into being through a series of accidents?

So if the evolution theory cannot answer this question… What’s the alternative?

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