Impressed by the Coronavirus

Impressed by the Coronavirus

Are you also concerned about your health or your financial future? Maybe you are already infected with the virus or you have family or friends who are infected. We can imagine your concern and empathize with the people who are infected, especially the elderly who are very vulnerable!

The Corona virus is occupying the entire world and more and many countries are taking tough measures to prevent the virus to spread any further. It is already apponted as a pandemic, a worldwide disease.

The current state of the world makes many people think. Our health is one of the most important values in life. When it is threatened, you are also confronted with the relativity of our existence.

Why do we actually live and why is life only temporary?

If you want to learn more about the purpose of your life? You are challenged tot think about your life, your plans and the purpose of your life for one week. To help, our volunteers have written the “Think One Week program”.

Participation is free and we do not want to sell you anything. Our goal is to help you to learn about the purpose of your life and to offer you hope for your future.

Get involved and start today to think about your life. We wish you a very valuable week!

The ThinkOneWeek Team

P.s.: If you are looking for some basic information to prevent getting sick, you can have a look at the World Health Organisation (WHO) website

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  1. Life is very hard for me. Am really confused. Dont know what to do anymore. Is better i give up common to feed my family. Nether to pay my rentage is hard

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