How Tarot can affect your life

How Tarot can affect your life

Have you ever been to a fortune-teller or Tarot card reader? Maybe you got amazing insights about your character. You’ve probably also had predictions about your future.

Maybe you’ve also had some bad news. When you die. Or news of illness, misfortune or an accident.

How are you now? Did you get the answers to the questions you had? Or maybe it has given you anxiety, depression or nightmares as well?

Not without risk

Being involved in spiritual matters is not without danger. The world of Astrology and Tarot is full of swindlers and imposters. But there are also people who deal with ‘white magic’. That sounds a lot better, of course. But also white magic has a dark side.

In the world of astrology it is assumed that we are at one with nature. The stars serve for astrology as a source of information about the fate of a human being. But also the spiritual world is often consulted.

Besides a lot of cheaters who are after your money, there are also a lot of astrologers with actual spiritual connections. You have to ask yourself what is the source of the spiritual experiences. Who or what gives the soothsayer, tarot layer or spiritual coach the knowledge about you?

Grip on your life?

Consulting an astrologer can also result in a certain dependence. This can be used by the astrologer to earn more from you or to influence you and your environment.

Predictions are often used to get a better grip on life. The opposite is usually the result. If you believe in a prediction about your life, death, relationships and illness, then that is something you have to do with. After all, there is no room for discussion or negotiation with the stars.

Fear, depression

The world of astrology has a dark source. Even though it is packaged in a nice jacket. White magic, Wicca and innocent horoscopes are the best known examples. Yet these all have a downside. Do you fight with anxiety, depression or nightmares? It may well be because you have been guided by a spiritual experience.

An alternative

Do you want to get rid of this burden? Then there is a way out. We would like to help you on your way. Through this website we offer you the opportunity to consciously think about your life for a week. On the way to truth, peace and quiet.

Do you want to leave the darkness and do you want to discover the truth and a new life? Then take one week to consciously think about your life.

We would like to help you find answers to your life questions. It is completely free and without any obligations.

We wish you a very valuable week!

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How Tarot can affect your life
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