Day 7 – Your talk with God

Day 7 – Your talk with God

If you have made up your mind, you can talk directly to God about your choice. Speaking out this prayer will help you to express your feelings. Any other prayer to God is fine also. Just tell Him that you believe in His Son Jesus Christ as your Savior and accept Him as your Lord. He knows you! He has made you!

Dear God,

I believe that You are my Creator. I believe that Jesus Christ is Your Son.

I have made many mistakes in my life and I have ignored you. Dear Jesus, I believe that you have died for my mistakes and that You have risen from death and live again.

I believe that You made your blood flow to clear the way for a relationship with God. Forgive my mistakes and clean my heart and life.

Lord Jesus, I accept You as my Savior and Guide in my life. I give my heart and life to You. Be my Guide in my life.

Help me to follow you and not wander away from now on. Help me to live in such a way that I can strive for God’s standard from now on.

Show me Your plan for my life and help me to live according to this plan. Help me with decisions that I have to take.

Help me to experience and share Your love with others too.

I thank you for living an eternal life with You now here on earth and forever in eternity.

Amen (that means ‘So be it’)


You have made the most important choice in your life!

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