Day 4 – The meaning of life

Day 4 – The meaning of life

Before we will continue on the question whether this designer is interested in you or not, let’s try to find out more about him and his plan.

Why would a designer need to make the universe, earth and all on it? Would he be dissatisfied with his previous situation? Would he be bored and looking for some adventure? Would he like to make somethingthat would even surprise him?

And why wouldn’t he destroy all of it after discovering his creation might not be so amusing after all?

What if there is a bigger plan to all of this, bigger than we can observe? Are we able to understand some of it? If so, what would this plan be like?

The big plan revealed

What if the designer has made his creation to share his greatness with his creatures?

How would a creature be able to express respect and gratitude to his or her designer? The freedom of choice makes the difference: if a creature can choose to accept and respect his maker, he or she can also deny him. However, when the creation choses to ignore or even counteract its designer; that of course would be an insult to the designer. It’s like a child ignoring the existence of its father or mother.

How would a creature be able to stand in front of this unimaginable great designer? This designer has to demand perfection, as he has to be perfect and morally pure: that is what we can observe around us. After all, if he would not consistent, pure and perfect, the universe probably would result in chaos.

If we want to form a picture of the designer, we can look at how the laws of nature work. Considering that the whole universe works through these fixed rules, so the architect must be a designer of order and structure.

If you could mess up the laws of nature, then complete chaos would be the result. As we can see in nature, things work according to fixed rules. These laws ensure that life as we know it is possible. As we have seen in the flowers and people, the complex combination of systems and processes is inseparable.

Natural laws cannot be messed up or ignored. If they could, then the whole system would have fallen into complete chaos a long time ago. The consequences of the laws of nature are simple and clear. You can do your best, but you cannot ignore gravity. You have to accept that gravity is there and you learn to live with it from an early age through falling and getting up…

The effects of all rules are, that once an error occurs, the ‘punishment’ will follow automatically. It is a well observed fact of life. For example, you cannot deny gravity. You cannot bribe it, you just have to deal with it.

It is quite the same in relationship to the designer; if you ignore him and do not obey his plan, you will be of no use. Just like the farmer will remove the weed from his field and will be harvesting the crops he intended to grow.

The creator must be very black-and-white: somethingis good or it is not good. He cannot be bribed, this can also be concluded from the laws of nature we are subjected to.

Are you part of the plan?

If denying one’s designer would directly result in a judgment, what about the freedom of choice? During life there is room to make choices. However, at a certain moment, time is up. If a creature will keep denying his or her maker, this creature will not be of any use in the end.

Maybe you can see the results of people living out of the plan around you:

  • Why are wealthy people, even famous and healthy ones, very often not satisfied with their lives?
  • Why are the most rich and powerful people often still dissatisfied with their position?
  • Would reaching material goals ever completely satisfy anyone? If you have some, there is always an urge to have more.
  • Why are people afraid to die? Only because life is finished after death?

We experience a certain emptiness, a need for more. We want to have a meaning in life.

So much for today, think about this:

  • Does my description of the plan of the designer make any sense?
  • If there is a plan, what is your role in it?
  • Are you willing to be accountable of your life?
  • What is your current relationship to your designer?

You’re welcome to come back tomorrow on day 5!

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