Day 3 – Life by design

Day 3 – Life by design

These last two days we noticed it would be fairly impossible that life has been formed without a design. Now, for a design, you do need a designer. Some form of intelligence who planned all of the universe, the planets, earth and life in all details…

If there is a designer, why would this designer create this immense universe and why would he pick only one planet to create a stunningly advanced biotope?

What would be the big plan behind all of this?

Some other questions might pop up now: Did this designer make his creation and just leave it to its fate? Or would this designer still be concerned with his creation? And if so, how would we be able to notice?

There is so much misery on our planet that it could be hard to imagine that this designer is still looking after his creation, isn’t it?

What if this designer has gone to the max and created something much more daring than a smoothly working ‘machine’?

What if he has made a plan including freedom of choice? By making creatures with freedom to make their own decisions, being even able to be creative by themselves. That would be like a science fiction movie where the robots come to life, wouldn’t it be?

That would be a profound form of creation; quite an adventurous kind of design. Things could turn out wrong if the creatures would make decisions against the plan of the designer.

Because of this freedom of choice, the creatures would also be able to make a choice to ignore or choose against their designer.

Who is this designer?

Do you already have some kind of image of this designer?
Would he be interested in you?
Or are you just one of his many products?
What if he is caring for you and has a plan for you?

Would you be scared about that thought?

Are you aware of a plan? Are you acting like you were planned, or are you just doing what seems best for you in life?

Are you willing to face these questions?
• Would the designer still be involved with his design? If so, how would you know?
• Would there be a bigger plan behind his creation?
• Would the designer be involved with you?
• Would you be acting according to the bigger plan?

Think about it today and please come back on day 4

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