Day 2 – Is there more to life?

Day 2 – Is there more to life?

Did you think about your life? Or did you click on, being curious about what comes next?

Have you found out some answers concerning your existence? Were you also impressed by the gigantic numbers that prove that life cannot be formed by coincidence?

Is there more to life?

What if is there is more to life? Even science is proving more and more that life cannot be created by coincidence alone. Even the greatest scientists do not have the answers on so many questions about our existence.

No accident

If the probability of life originating by a succeeding series of coincidences is proven to be impossible, then there might be some intelligence behind all existence. What if this intelligence would be a creator who designed all the universe, including the earth we are living on?

Would it harm you to give it a thought?

Intelligent design

If there would be a plan behind all existence, there should be a designer too. What kind of designer would this be?

Can you make an image of something or someone who has designed all the matter surrounding us. A designer with an eye for detail and by a complexity that exceeds our perceptions. There are so many details that we -as humans- still do not know or understand even after many centuries of scientific research. It must be an exceptional architect!

An architect

What would this creator be like? It has to be a very powerful and perfect being. If not, it would not have been able to create all you can see and not with such perfect detail.
Nature is made so perfect that we humans -after so many ages of science- understand only little bits of it. It must be a mind-blowing intellect that has designed all there is.

A perfect design

Wouldn’t such a creator make things just perfect? Look around… what do you see. Is everything perfect? Probably you will say it is not. Somehow, not everything is looking perfect. But there is no self-destucting chaos also because of the prefectly working laws of nature.

To think about for today:
• Can you imagine that the world has been created by a designer?
• What kind of designer would that be?
• Why would there be imperfection and misery if the design is perfect?
• If there is a designer, you would also be his creation, right?

Need some time to chew on this? Feel free to think about this today! I’d like to meet you again tomorrow on day 3.

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