Five Cans of Beer and a Pack of Shag

Five Cans of Beer and a Pack of Shag

The other day I was waiting in line at the supermarket. An everyday scene for most of us. I always look at the people wainting in line and enjoy the diversity that is there. Every person is unique.

Sometimes something that you buy tells something about yourself. When I check out doner syrup, pancake mix and powdered sugar, I have heard from several cashiers: “Mmm …, do you like pancakes today?” And often they are right. “Yes, we’re going to eat pancakes tonight!”

Or customers who buy pizzas at 17.30. It is not difficult to guess what will be eaten later on that night!

Yet sometimes I see a lot of unhealthy purchases. A slightly older man caught my eye. Pale skin, dirty jeans and a sad look in his eyes. The only thing he bought were five cans of beer and a pack of tobacco shag. Cheap beer and as cheap as possible shag. I wondered what does his evening look like? An evening with a lot of beer supplemented with the smoking of self made cigarettes?

I felt kind of sorry for him. Because if he is going to fill his evening with drinking beer, there is also a lot of loneliness, a lot of hopelessness in his life. It is a way to forget unpleasant events in his life. Washed down with beer.

At this customer of the local supermarket I saw a shopping basket giving a clear expression of a signed life. But for others who look well cared for, have a well-stocked shopping cart and then buy three crates of beer at the same time, can have the same issues in life. The repression of your life questions, of failed relationships or a job that you have lost. But know that there is hope. Always, for everyone, poor and rich.

There is also hope for you!

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