Many of us are in need for answers on the big questions in life. What am I living for? Why am I struggling in life? Why isn’t my life perfect? Why is my relation broken? What about my health? …and many more.

Through this website we would like to help you to find your purpose in life. Learn to discover why your life is special. Learn how your future can become valuable.

Invest a few hours of your time this week to think about your life. If you do, you will undoubtedly face a very valuable week.

Have a great life! The ThinkOneWeek team

The Designer of Life has a Name

Our mission

The mission of the Think One Week project is to help people think about their purpose in life. To help people to find spiritual meaning in life and live a valuable life.  Though our website we offer a One Week programme to help people find meaning in life.

Besides spiritual help, we support various projects all over the world in the field of education, childcare, assistance to widows and job creation.

The origin of life. Evolution

Our Projects

Our foundation offers support for people in many countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America. We only support smal sized local projects such as childrenshomes, widow support, leprocy projects, education, microfinance/labour education and several other through our network. Thanks to our volunteers and the small sized projects, our overheadcosts are negligible.

Some of our projects are listed here


We’re sorry we cannot provide you contact details on this page. As we have been receiving a lot of SPAM lately, we have decided to offer our contact details just to the serious readers only. If you follow our 1-week program, you will be able to contact us at the end of the program. If you want to contact us by postal mail, you can send us your mail to

2!1,4.0 A,A Vijfhuizen
The Netherlands

If you have any small questions, you can also contact us through our blog section. Just reply on one of the blog items.


If you want to support one of our projects, you can! Your donation will be used 100% for the project of your choice. Donations for the Think One Week website (www.thinkoneweek.com) can also be done via the donate button below.

If you want to support comments or specific projects that are not in the list, please state this in the comments or send an e-mail to donate@thinkoneweek.com after your donation.