A Prayer for Corona affected

A Prayer for Corona affected

These are turbulent times. The Corona Virus is spreading all over the world. Many people get sick or even worse… Economies get stuck, many people are worried about their health and lives.

Maybe you are sick or you know someone who is suffering from the virus. We sympathize with all the victims and their families and we allready pray for those who are affected.

I don’t know if you believe in a god, a creator of the earth. Although the world is full of diseases and misery, you may know that there is a God who loves those people who want to trust Him. Even though it is difficult to understand why a powerful creator of everything permits this kind of illness and misery, there is also hope for every person…

A prayer for you!

We are already praying for the people who are affected by the Corona Virus. We would also like to pray for you personally if you would appreciate that.

If you have to deal with the corona virus and you would like a prayer, just enter your name below. If you send the form, we will certainly pray for you.

If you would like to learn more about the meaning of your life in the midst of this worldwide situation, we invite you to learn more on our website. Its all for free and no obligations.

If you are looking for some basic information to prevent getting sick, you can have a look at the World Health Organisation (WHO) website

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