A great new life

A great new life

Dear reader, I would like to share story of my life. Originally I am from Madhya Pradesh, India. I am 25 years old and work as Male Nurse Hospital for 2 years now.

I ran away from my family when I was barely 7 years old. I have vivid memories of my alcoholic father, my younger brother and loving mother. I remember getting in a train and I didn’t know where it was going. I ended up at Pune Railway station and that became my home for some time.

My daily routine was to beg on streets and railways, steal from passengers. I slept on the street and railway platform and I had to hide from the police. One day the police came at the station and sent all street children to the Government run Juvenile homes which were like hell on earth.

One day I ran away from there at first opportunity and retuned to the railway station. At the railway station I met a few boys and we became best buddies and we formed a gang. I remember at that young age we indulged in smoking, drinking cheap liquor and stealing. We would scavenge for food and eat whatever we could get.

Every now and then I would think of returning home but the fear of father’s beating would kept me from returning to home. During this period I met someone who would come to visit the kids that were living in the streets, chat with us and gave us some food.

He became a good friend. One day he asked me to go with him to a shelter for street kids. I started living at the shelter and was could go to school. There I heard about the love of God for mankind and about Jesus Christ and I learned stories of Jesus from Bible.

My life fully changed

In 2009 I visited a youth camp. It was so powerful and life changing. During one of the meetings I experience the power of God come upon me. I realised about all de bad things I had done in life and aked God to forgive me and help me. I accepted the life saving offer of Jesus Christ. This encounter changed my life completely. I became serious about life & God.

In February 2019 I started praying to find my family. It is really miracle what happened after these prayers. I was 7 years old when I left my house and only remembered some parts of the city I lived in. Me and a friend from the shelter went to my birth city. When we arrived in this city I prayed again that I could find my family.

After that prayer I started to remember the location where we used to live when I was young. But my parent shifted 10 years ago to out of the city into a village nearby. One of the former neighbours helped me to go to the village and to my surprise I found my mother and brother and sister.

My father has left my family 3 years ago. My mother and my brother and sister were very poor. I started sharing my life to my mother and many other villagers. I told them how God has brought me back and how my life is nowadays.

Many villagers heard about the love of Jesus Christ for the first time and got to know about the rescue of lives through Jesus. I was lost but I found God and my family.

Maybe you are not living in the streets, but you can feel just as lost and without hope. Maybe you are also looking for the purpose of your life.

If you would learn how to have a living relationship with God, your Creator, then start your week of thinking and learning today:

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